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CloudGuard provides industry-leading advanced threat prevention and cloud network security for your public, private and hybrid-clouds, as well as efficient and consistent unified security management of clouds and on-premises networks with a single-pane-of-glass.

CloudGuard Posture Management Engine (aka CSPM) is an end-to-end security and compliance solution for assessment, remediation, and continuous security compliance enforcement. The CloudGuard GSL (Governance Specification Language) is a syntax to define cloud security and compliance rules which can be applied in the CloudGuard Compliance Engine.

The Cloud Security Posture Management is a shared security and compliance knowledge platform for AWS, Azure, Google, and Kubernetes. It provides an evolving set of security and compliance best practices, curated and developed by CloudGuard. The controls include risk and remediation details needed for security governance and compliance with public cloud environments.

Spectral is the shift-left solution of Check Point’s CloudGuard to provide the industry’s most comprehensive security platform from code to cloud. Spectral was built as a platform from the ground up to have a fantastic developer experience (DX). Spectral Scan is a single self-contained binary, that's easy to get and use.

Spectral monitor, classify and protect your code, assets, and infrastructure for exposed API keys, tokens, credentials, and high-risk security misconfiguration, including IaC (Infrastructure-As-Code) misconfiguration and supply chain vulnerabilities in a simple way, without noise.

You can start using CloudGuard today and protect both your code in a shift-left mindset & your cloud runtime together!

To get access to the SpectralOps platform, you can start here: https://get.spectralops.io

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