Ensure to pin version specification in 'dnf install'

Version pinning forces the build to retrieve a particular version regardless of what's in the cache. This technique can also reduce failures due to unanticipated changes in required packages.

Risk Level: medium
Platform: Docker
Spectral Rule ID: DOCKR027


Append each dnf package with version specification (i.e package-x.x.x)

FROM fedora:latest
- RUN dnf -y update && dnf -y install httpd && dnf clean all
+ RUN dnf -y update && dnf -y install httpd-2.24.2 && dnf clean all
 #  OR 
- RUN ["dnf", "install", "httpd"]
+ RUN ["dnf", "install", "httpd-2.24.2"]
COPY index.html /var/www/html/index.html

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