Malicious code download & execution


An open-source package that attempts to download and execute malicious code could be a software component or library that is publicly available and distributed under an open-source license, but contains functionality designed to download and run additional code from external sources without the user's knowledge or consent.
This additional code may be malicious in nature, posing significant risks to the security and integrity of users' systems.


The downloaded code may be crafted to perform a wide range of malicious activities, including but not limited to: unauthorized access to sensitive data, installation of malware or ransomware, exploitation of system vulnerabilities, theft of credentials or financial information, and disruption of system operations. The ultimate goal of the malicious code is typically to compromise the security, privacy, or functionality of the user's system for the benefit of the attacker.


Remove the package from your dependencies list, disconnect affected devices from the network and report the incident to the relevant authorities in your organization.