Teams and Asset Mapping

Over the years working on Spectral, we understood that one of the keys for successful security remediation is getting the right information to the correct person. This is why we created the asset mapping.
You can connect assets to a logical unit in the asset mapping screen, such as teams/app/services (created by people). Once you create a mapping, all alerts, reports will be visible to the right person / team and not your whole organization.
Mapping your organization will enable you to reduce alarm fatigue and ensure the process of remediating an issue is as smooth as possible.

For example, if you want to restrict all of your front-end's repositories to be visible only to front-end team members you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings->teams page.
  2. Create a new team named "front end".
  3. Optionally add some integrations for that team so it will consume data hwo they like - specific Jira projects / Slack channels.
  4. Go to settings->asset mapping and map their assets to their newly created team
    Mapping two assets to team "TEST-TEAM"

Team deletion

Upon deletion of a team, all assets that are mapped to this team, and all users' assignments to this team - will be removed.