Remote shell enabler


An open-source package that attempts to enable attackers remote shell access could be a software component or library that is publicly available and distributed under an open-source license, but contains code designed to facilitate unauthorized remote access to a victim's computer system or network by malicious actors.


Packages that attempt to enable remote shell access are often created or maintained by malicious actors with the intent to exploit vulnerabilities in software systems or networks. These packages may include features or functionalities that facilitate remote code execution, command injection, or backdoor access, allowing attackers to gain unauthorized control over compromised systems.
The presence of an open-source package that attempts to enable remote shell access poses significant security risks to users and organizations.
Unauthorized remote access to computer systems or networks can lead to data breaches, system compromise, service disruption, financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.


Remove the package from your dependencies list, disconnect affected devices from the network and report the incident to the relevant authorities in your organization.