Sensitive File Found

Some apps/frameworks require the use of encryption keys/passwords and store those secrets in configuration files.

These files are usually needed by the app/framework to run properly.
However, exposing those sensitive files may pose a risk if hackers are able to find them and use the sensitive data they contain.


A sensitive file that may include keys, passwords and other confidential information.


Remove sensitive files from public repos and do not distribute them among multiple sources. Review any file that is detected by this detector for visible secrets and replace them if they were exposed.

In general, to keep sensitive files secure, you should:

  • Restrict who has access to sensitive information You should use a password manager or any alternative secure storage.
  • Create awareness for data security among your employees and teach them how to handle sensitive data.
  • Categorize your data and manage access rights according to the level of sensitivity.
  • Use secure data transmission methods such as encryption or VPN.
  • Develop a comprehensive safety concept that includes backup, recovery, and incident response plans.
  • Use antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and data loss prevention tools to prevent and detect unauthorized access or data exfiltration.