Ensure the maximum number of webhooks per repo is not exceeded

Repository webhooks allow you to receive HTTP POST payloads whenever certain events happen in a repository. The webhook REST APIs enable you to manage repository, organization, and app webhooks.
You can use this API to list webhook deliveries for a webhook, or get and redeliver an individual delivery for a webhook, which can be integrated into an external app or service. You can also use the REST API to change the configuration of the webhook. For example, you can modify the payload URL, content type, SSL verification, and secret.

Risk Level: medium
Platform: Github
Spectral Rule ID: GH-HRD006


Webhooks provide a way for notifications to be delivered to an external web server whenever certain actions occur on a repository or organization.
In the developer's world of today, Dev-ops tools are integrated and abandoned. Leaves unneeded webhooks that spread repos information to external services.
Review your webhooks:


  1. On your profile page, click Repositories, then click the name of your repository.
  2. From your repository, click Settings.
  3. In the sidebar, click Webhooks.
  4. Be sure any active webhook are required.

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